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The stress that one experiences when dealing with divorce and other family law matters at times can be overwhelming. The stress may lead to a loss of sleep, difficulty focusing at work, and may interfere with the relationships you have with your family and friends. We believe that having the foundation of strong representation in your family law matter is one positive way to help remove that stress.

In most divorce cases, much of the stress results from the uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen next and what will be the final outcome of custodial and financial issues. Oftentimes, the client immediately wants to know where and how will I emerge from the division of assets and establishing custodial and parenting times. At the Law Office of Lyle K. Porter in Lawrenceville, we have been handling divorce and family law issues for more than 20 years. We are very experienced in these issues and possess the requisite knowledge and skill to guide your case in the direction that will produce the most favorable results. From the very beginning we listen to your expectations and goals and then provide an evaluation and advice to accomplish a positive outcome.

We represent clients and are experienced in all Georgia family law matters, including:

From Negotiation To Trial

Many judges and attorneys will agree that issues concerning family law cases tend to benefit from agreements reached between the parties. An early evaluation of your case, negotiations and ultimately mediation are options that should always be considered. These options generally will save you time, stress and money and will minimize the negative impact that family law issues have on children.

Of course, amicable resolutions are not always possible. The opposing party may be unwilling to compromise when what you simply have requested is both reasonable and fair. We prepare every case as if trial is an inevitability, so that we are properly positioned for success if proceeding to trial is necessary to achieve the results you have identified. Having practiced in Gwinnett County courtrooms for decades, we know how to successfully build cases for trial.

Again, it is important to have an understanding of the judge presiding in your case as all judges are certainly not alike. As each case is different, each and every judge is different and your case will be prepared and presented with our knowledge of the judge’s record, tendencies and reputation on the particular issues in your case.

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