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What Is In The Best Interest Of The Child?

Over the last several years, the issue of which parent should have primary physical custody of the minor children has been the focus of most contested divorce cases. Under the law, neither parent has a superior right to custody over the other and now more than ever there is a trend for parents to pursue shared parenting time and equal custodial rights. Often, judges will appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the interests of the children and to assist the Court with a determination on the issue of custody.

Most judges believe that it remains in the minor child’s best interest to continue to maintain a strong and meaningful relationship with each parent. In Georgia, the law recognizes the factors and elements a court should address and consider when faced with making a determination of custody and what is in the best interest of a child. We represent each side of the equation and will carefully review every factor. We use our 20-plus years of experience to protect the relationship you enjoy with your child. We will work hard to achieve the parenting and custodial time you deserve and which is in your child’s best interests.


Physical Custody, Legal Custody, and More…

Decisions involving physical custody often include who should be entrusted with having the final decision-making authority on the issues of legal custody. Joint legal custody and decisions that affect a child’s educational and medical needs require each party to communicate with the other in an effort to reach a mutual decision on these issues. Faith-based decisions, religious training and where a child attends church are included in Joint Legal Custody. If a child will participate in extracurricular activities including whether he or she will play football, baseball, lacrosse or travel ball are all issues where in the absence of a mutually agreed-upon decision, one parent will be vested with the tie-breaking authority. Our goal is to ensure that as a parent you are included in these decisions and are awarded the responsibility of making the tie-breaking decision when an agreement is not reached. Understanding what evidence is compelling to a judge is an important part of being a successful advocate, and we are very experienced in the contested litigation of physical and legal custody issues.

We represent clients and are experienced in all Georgia family law matters, including:

Interstate Child Custody Issues

Many times, the issue of which state has jurisdiction over the question of custody will be presented. We are experienced in handling these cases and issues, and are able to guide you through the questions and standards for determining which jurisdiction is the appropriate forum should a change of custody case be filed. Likewise, we have a network of investigators and attorneys outside the State of Georgia that we have built relationships with when litigation and an investigation is required.

Protect Your Relationship with Your Children

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