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Will Your Voice Be Heard In The Divorce Process?

Often in divorce cases, it is very important to a client that “their voice is heard.” Clients often feel during the process as though they haven’t been listened to. Friends and family are able to provide an outlet, but the courtroom and your advocate provide the venue for the time and place when your voice plays a major role in the decisions before the Court.

At the Lawrenceville Law Office of Lyle K. Porter, we are committed to ensuring that your voice is heard. When you entrust us to represent you, you will have not only an attorney, but also a strong advocate. We begin with the first consultation to understand and know you, and to listen to your concerns, needs and expectations. We strive to build a case that is designed to achieve the goals you have identified, and we will not hesitate to provide. We will push forward through every obstacle in pursuit of meaningful results.


How Complex Is Your Divorce Case?

With more than 20 years of family law experience, we are able to provide legal representation in every aspect of your divorce case, from child custody and child support to property division and spousal support.

Our experience means we are able to achieve successful results and judgments even in the most complex, contested divorce cases. We frequently handle cases involving substantial and unique assets and issues such as the valuation of businesses, out-of-state real estate holdings, rental property, vacation homes, stock options, collections, and investment and retirement accounts.

We are also prepared to handle divorce cases that require the defense of criminal charges or temporary protective orders. Our experience and reputation in the field of criminal defense means we are able to advise and defend you in cases that involve allegations of domestic violence.

We represent clients and are experienced in all Georgia divorce matters, including:

When Your Divorce Case Goes to Trial

A successful divorce trial requires that a lawyer have knowledge not only of the law, but of the court itself. A lawyer must know the personalities of the various judges who preside over these cases and must be able to customize the approach accordingly. Having practiced in the courtrooms of Gwinnett County for decades, we understand and have the expertise necessary to successfully prepare and present your case for trial.

Of course, trial is not always a certainty and we generally recommend the pursuit of an amicable resolution before incurring the costs and expense of a trial. However, when trial and contested hearings become necessary, we have put in the work to be prepared to represent your interests professionally and successfully.

Let Us Hear Your Voice Today

We are here to listen. We are here to help.

Divorce is one of the most stressful and challenging issues facing couples and families today. We are here to help guide you and navigate through your most difficult time. Call 678-985-1000 or contact us to talk to an attorney.