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An arrest and conviction for any criminal offense can often alter the course of your life. One’s plans for the future, including the pursuit of professional careers, are jeopardized when prospective employers conduct background checks and educational institutions require the disclosure of arrests and any criminal conviction. Mandatory jail time is often required for many crimes and the loss of your liberty is something that most people never want to experience. These are just a few of the reasons why you need a dedicated and experienced attorney to assist in the defense of your criminal charges.

At the Law Office of Lyle K. Porter in Lawrenceville, we have been defending individuals charged with violating the law for more than 20 years. We know exactly what is required to defend your case from relatively minor misdemeanors to the most serious felony. We understand the importance of an early investigation, and we take an aggressive stance to protecting your rights and preserving your innocence. In our initial consultation, we will make sure you are educated on the law, evaluate the facts of your case, and advise you of potential options and probable outcomes.

Juvenile Defense

When a juvenile is alleged to have violated the law, the process is different. These cases are handled in the juvenile court system, which follows different rules. While the goal in this court system is rehabilitation rather than punishment, the penalties can still be serious. They have the potential to change a child’s life. It is critical to enlist an experienced attorney in these cases.

We have experience in the defense of all Georgia misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • V.G.C.S.A. and drug-related offenses
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Aggravated assault and family violence battery
  • Armed robbery and theft offenses
  • Burglary and criminal damage to property
  • Fraud and white collar crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • Violations of rules of the road

We also handle a wide range of post-conviction matters, including probation violations and appellate work.

Trial-Ready Criminal Law Representation

While many cases are resolved by working with the prosecutor to reach a plea bargain, we always prepare cases for trial. If we are not able to negotiate a positive outcome, we will take your case to the next level. We are comfortable and confident in each and every courtroom where we appear. We have worked hard to establish relationships with the prosecutors assigned to individual cases, and we understand and know the presiding judges and their tendencies. We believe we have a working knowledge of the citizens that make up the juries in the metropolitan area and have a good understanding of the issues and beliefs that resonate with them. We are skilled in the presentation of evidence and arguments, proficient with our approach to judges and jurors, and work hard to obtain a positive outcome in even the most serious criminal law matter.

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