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Georgia law requires the equitable division of marital property. Equitable is supposed to mean what is fair and what is fair may not always mean equal. An equitable division analysis and presentation raises the question of how to determine what is fair in your particular case.

Factors that a court will consider when determining what is a fair or equitable division of property include an analysis of each spouse’s contributions during the marriage, each spouse’s earning capacity and ability to earn an income, each spouse’s age, health, the standard of living during the marriage, the length of the marriage and finally the conduct of each spouse during the marriage.

At the Lawrenceville Law Office of Lyle K. Porter, we will carefully review all of the factors considered by the Court and how they may impact the division of marital property in your particular case. We will use the knowledge we have gained from handling these cases for more than 20 years in Gwinnett County to pursue a division of marital property that is fair to you.


Protecting Your Separate Property

Not all your property may be subject to a division under Georgia law. Separate property is generally categorized as property you acquired prior to the marriage or that you inherited or received as a gift. You may be able to maintain the entirety of this property for yourself. The issue of what is separate and what is marital property is an issue we address in each and every case and is an issue we are successful and experienced with. By carefully identifying and then establishing the proof necessary to prevent your separate property from being awarded to your spouse, we have been able to achieve successful results for our family law clients.

We represent clients and are experienced in all Georgia family law matters, including:

The Skill & Experience You Need in High-Asset Divorce Cases

Generally, a divorce case may be limited to the division of the family home, vehicles, retirement and bank accounts, and personal property. Unfortunately, many divorce cases are also presented with what is an equitable division of the marital debt that one or both spouses may have incurred and accumulated.

However, in many cases the marital estate may also be comprised of a business or professional practice that requires a valuation and then an equitable division. Understanding the need for a successful valuation, including identifying the necessary documentation and assets required for a professional valuation is very important in these cases. Additionally, one’s marital estate may be comprised of out-of-state real estate holdings, rental property, stock options, investment accounts, qualified pension plans and vacation homes.

Our skill and experience with these issues has enabled us to have established relationships with a proven network of trusted experts in valuation, forensic accounting and in the other areas required to represent your interests in the division of the most complex and unique assets. We understand the necessity of establishing value early in the divorce process and then using that information to determine what is equitable and how the division of assets should occur. We are also skilled in the presentation of complex evidence and how to present valuation both in the mediation process and more importantly in the courtroom.

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