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Why Early Intervention Is Critical

If you were running a race, would you let your opponent have a head start? Of course not. Doing so would force you to work harder to win or prevent you from winning at all. The odds would certainly be stacked against you.

The same is true in a criminal defense case. If you wait to start building your case, you are essentially giving your opponent a head start. Law enforcement and prosecutors will use this time to gather evidence and refine the strategy that they will use against you in hopes of obtaining a conviction. Every day you wait, it becomes more difficult to catch up and even the odds. With so much at stake, why would you let this happen?

When Should You Hire A Lawyer?

There is no such thing as hiring a lawyer too soon. Even if you have not been charged with a crime, a lawyer can help you. In fact, if you are under investigation or have been questioned in relation to a criminal offense, early intervention could prevent charges from being filed against you or lead to reduced charges.

At the Law Office of Lyle K. Porter in Lawrenceville, we move quickly when we are retained to defend against criminal charges. We will use the time to level the playing field and position you for the best possible outcome, regardless of what you have been accused of.

With more than two decades of experience in the courtrooms of Gwinnett County, Georgia, we know the importance of building cases for trial, so that is exactly what we will do. While your case may ultimately be resolved through plea bargaining, we are going to prepare to go to battle for you in court. We want our opponents to see that we are using our time wisely and working hard to build a strong case to overcome whatever they think they are going to throw at us. This approach has led to an impressive record of success.

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